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IUC Pulsator Controller Boxs

IUC Pulsator Controller Boxs

To match our range of market leading Pulsators we offer a few different Pulsator controller boxes giving you full control over your parlours vaccuum settings.

The IUC48 Pulsator Controller Box

The IUC48 is the highest performing Pulsation controller milkrite | InterPuls currently offer. The IUC48 is able to drive up to 48 Pulsators units or 12 Pulsator channels at one time (based off data consumption from our LE30 Pulsators, other brands may vary). The IUC48 can be used to program two different ranges of pulsation parameters at one time, meaning you can tailor specific milking settings/requirements within the parlour giving you better control over the rate and efficiency of the milking. For example, it is possible to alter the set of milking parameters on the control box so that the system could be milking both fresh cows and cows with more lactation's, or in the case of small ruminants, it could allow for the milking of both sheep and goats in the same parlour.

 Improve the efficiency of your parlour today and install the IUC48 to give you better control over your farms milking.

 The features and benefits of the IUC48 Pulsator Controller Box:

  • The compact size and design of the IUC48 allows the control box to fit neatly into any parlour.
  • The product has a clear user interface and menu layout making the IUC 48 easy and straight forward to install.
  • In regards, to the price the IUC48 is very similar to the IUC32 (previous model) despite the IUC 48 being more efficient and effective in controlling pulsation units, making it a great investment for your farm.
  • With the IUC48 it is possible to tailor the best milking experience for your herd, through the precise set up of all the pulsation parameters such as ratio and rate, for both the channel Pulsators (left/right or front/rear).
  • It is also possible to introduce a phase between the four channels (12 sets of Pulsators) to avoid resonance of the pipeline in bigger milking systems.

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IUC24 Pulsator Controller Box

The IUC 24 12VDC is a control box equipped with a switching transformer used to supply power to the electrical pulsator (LE30) with a 12VDC 16.7A output at a maximum of 25°C (77°F). It is capable of supplying power to a maximum of 24 Pulsators (front & rear) divided in four channels (maximum of six Pulsators per channel).

Every pulsator is equipped with two electric coils: one rear and one front. It is possible to program the ratio to 10÷90 (90÷10) and with a programmable frequency of between 30 and 260 pulsations per minute. The Maximum absorption of every electric coil: 3.6W at 12VDC (absorption approximately 270mAcc).

Every channel must supply a maximum nominal of 4.175A (two electric coils simultaneously for six pulsators) and has a maximum power supply limit set by the controlling CPU of approximately 5.0A +10% -0%.

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